Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

My game isn’t loading. Why?

  • For non-Chrome users, you probably lack the required software / add-on / extension to play the game. Please make sure that the following programs are available and are enabled: Flash Player, Java, Unity, and Shockwave Player. Make sure to refresh the page after downloading / enabling the required extensions.
  • If you are using Google Chrome, most extensions should be already available except for Unity.Chrome no longer supports Unity. If you want to play a Unity-based game, switch to Firefox instead.
  • If you do not lack and of the suggested extensions, perhaps we are doing some changes to that game post or making edits on the back end of the website. Please try again at a later time or leave a comment on the game.

Is VitoGame collecting any personal information?

I found a bug in one of the games, what should I do?

  • Leave a comment in the game page or contact the game producers of the specified game. Clearly explain what the bug is, what happened, and provide screenshot if possible.

Why do some games take forever to load?

  • Games vary in sizes; some may take a few seconds to load while others over several minutes. The load time is also dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

So I am playing as a guest, will my progress in the game be saved?

  • Yes you can. Playing as guest will still save your data.

Who can view my comments?

  • Comments are meant to be public. As such, anyone can view your comment. If you don’t want to display your comment, feel free to contact us.