Mine Cart Noob
Mine Cart Noob

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    Experience the thrill of being a rebel and ride your shopping cart down the hill and over the ramp in Mine Cart Noob, a Minecraft-inspired distance game. Join Steve in his quest to reach his house over 10 kilometers away while performing daring tricks and overcoming various obstacles along the way.   In this game, your objective is to upgrade your shopping cart and earn enough money to learn new tricks. You can use different tricks such as the Jumper, Superman, Backflip, Handtake, and the Bat to impress the audience and earn points. You can also combine these tricks with cart movements to increase your profit. As you progress, you can upgrade different parts of your cart such as Speed Tires, Rockets, Carts, Style, and Friends to make your journey more enjoyable.   After each attempt, you will earn money based on the distance you have traveled, the maximum height you have reached, and the total tricks and obstacles you have overcome. Can you help Steve reach his newbie house and become the ultimate Mine Cart Noob? Mouse = Navigate Mouse Left = Select

    Game controls:

    Mouse = Navigate Mouse Left = Select


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