Hunter Hitman
Hunter Hitman

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    This game requires stealthy gameplay, as failure to eliminate targets quietly will result in getting shot. You will play as a skilled hitman, armed only with a knife, tasked with taking out your targets. Move carefully through dimly lit corridors and eliminate each target without being detected. Achieving multiple kills in a short period of time will earn you bonus points. You can earn coins after completing each level and use them to purchase new characters or unlock cards.   The game features 11 different characters, with one being the default option and the other 10 available for purchase using in-game currency. Each character possesses unique stats that are divided into three categories: speed, defense, and stealth. Some characters are faster, while others can withstand more damage. The game also offers daily log-in bonuses and free loot boxes that can contain items such as cards and coins. Collecting all the cards and leveling them up will provide benefits. Level 5 cards can be equipped, offering various advantages. Mix and match the cards to customize your character to your preferred playstyle. Can you complete all 72 levels with a perfect three-star rating and unlock all achievements? Put your assassination skills to the test and find out!   Sneak up on your enemies and eliminate them all.

    Game controls:

      Sneak up on your enemies and eliminate them all.


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