Castle of Magic
Castle of Magic

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    Castle of Magic is a platformer-adventure game developed by Gameloft, with a retro-styled aesthetic, and released in 2008. You will play as a character wielding powerful magic, fighting against a variety of monsters in a fun and fantastical setting.   The game's story follows a boy and a girl who, after breaking their only video game console from playing too much, find themselves bored at the beach. They stumble upon a mysterious chest that they think holds treasure, but instead it contains a golden wizard hat. When they put on the hat, it summons a magical portal that transports them to a world of magic, where they must confront an evil wizard to save the girl.   To succeed, you must navigate through five different magical countries, each with its unique set of challenges, and defeat the villains you encounter along the way. Some levels feature interactive surfaces, allowing you to fly, slide, walk on the ceiling, float, and more. You'll also learn and master a variety of magical spells, including transformation spells that allow you to morph into different animals. Do you have what it takes to master the art of magic and complete all the colorful levels to save the world? Find out in Castle of Magic! Control with Virtual buttons

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    Control with Virtual buttons


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