Asphalt Retro
Asphalt Retro

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    Prepare yourself to kick up some pixelated dust on the road and experience an incredible retro racing game on your browser with Asphalt Retro.   Asphalt Retro brings classic arcade-style racing into modern times, featuring simple yet challenging gameplay with easy-to-learn controls and charming retro graphics. This game includes eight tracks of varying lengths, traffic density, and difficulty levels. These tracks are:   New York with Light Traffic Paris with Average Traffic London with Heavy Traffic Siracusa with Light Traffic Luxor with Light Traffic Vladivostok with Light Traffic Route 66 with Light Traffic Tokyo with Heavy Traffic Choose one of the eight impressively powerful race cars, such as Tiger, Shark, Panther, Lion, Gazelle, Ocelot, Serval, and Narwhal, but select wisely as each car drives differently, and some may even have a harsher kick.   Drive through heavy traffic and aim to cross the finish line first while avoiding getting caught in the process. Use your limited turbo boost at the right moment to gain an advantage over the competition. To maintain your momentum, double-tap the left or right arrow key to drift in the desired direction. Make sure to stay on your side of the road, or you may end up as roadkill, along with your beautiful car. ← → ↑ ↓ = Down - Brake Esc = Pause / Back spacebar   = Select

    Game controls:

    ← → ↑ ↓ = Down - Brake Esc = Pause / Back spacebar   = Select


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