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Fortnite Online

Fortnite Online

Fortnite Online
PUBG is the crouched name of the game (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), which took top places in the ratings and a record number of players. The game PUBG (Battleground) - multiplayer online shooter mode "every man for himself." The game is a survival simulator in the real world, where about 100 players fall at the same time and they all fight for their lives. Only one player can win, who must be the last to survive. Each match in this game begins with the fact that all the players fly on an airplane and then each of them can jump on the move and then land on the battlefield with a parachute. There are different maps in the game, but they are all limited in territory where players can shoot. Each map has a limited area for combat operations. Each player must first find a secluded place to hide, then find a weapon and start the struggle for survival. After some time, the area of ​​the game zone begins to narrow, thereby forcing players to gather in the center of the map and decide who will be the winner. To deserve the victory will not have to work hard, find weapons, ammunition and other uniforms. It is best to take a sniper rifle and pick up a secluded place for shooting enemies. It will not be easy to live to the end, because the further the battle goes on, the stronger and smarter the remaining opponents will be. At the end of each battle, players get game currency, which can be freely spent on the purchase of various improvements, weapons, clothing and other bonuses.
Instructions :
Control of the game
WASD or arrow keys: move
T: open nearby garage-Q: shoot web Right click: laser-Left click: shoot or punch-Space bar: jump-Left shift: run
X: switch weapon-F: open car-R: open nearby shop
G: grenade-Z: switch grenade-C: switch vehicle camera-Garbage truck controls-Pitchfork up: Z-Pitchfork down: X-Dump start: Q-Dump end: E
Lift container: space

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Date added:   2018-12-27

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